THE Practice


Practice Areas

  • Business formation, capitalization, and strategic planning.
  • Business mergers, acquisitions, reorganizations, and sales.
  • Contracts, employment counselling, and other general business matters.
  • Real estate acquisition, financing, and disposition.
  • Real estate development and construction contracts.

The Approach

Three fundamentals guide our work at Stranger Creek Advisors:

  1. Risk is to be managed, not avoided.  An objective advisor can help you assess those risks, and a good negotiator can help you mitigate them, but risk-taking is a part of every successful business or real estate venture.  We understand that.  We won't tell you "no," but rather "the potential consequences of that action are...."
  2. Avoid sweeping things under the rug and kicking cans down the road.  Business and real estate principals should have those awkward conversations and consider contingencies early on, before issues arise.  If they hit these question head-on, they’ll have better results and better relationships down the road when it comes time to divide the pot of gold—or shovel the pile of manure.
  3. Good legal work can’t fix bad deals.  The firm stands ready to help clients go beyond the financial reports and the legal documents to assess their strategic options holistically, so that they know who they’re dealing with and how a business or real estate project really works before they commit themselves to a course of action.   We know that the having the most skillfully-documented bad business deal is worse than having poorly-written documents on a good deal, and we'd rather help you avoid a mistakes through due diligence and well-planned negotiation strategies.

If we share these three principles in common, we can do great things together.

Gateway to an Interdisciplinary Team of Professionals

Stranger Creek Advisors may at first appear to be just a couple of business lawyers, but those lawyers' network includes numerous trusted attorneys who are experienced in litigation, intellectual property, wealth planning, taxation, and other specialties that compliment his practice, as well as non-attorney business consultants, engineers, architects and planners, accounting and finance professionals, bankers and brokers, and other specialists that most businesses and real estate enterprises need on their team.  If a matter falls outside their skillsets, they can introduce another professional who can handle it efficiently, and who will approach the matter with the same value-conscious, outcomes-based orientation they share.



Robert J. Drumm, Attorney and Principal

Robert J. Drumm began practicing law in 2002, graduating with top honors (Order of the Coif) from the University of Kansas School of Law after working several years in the printing and packaging industries.  He holds a Bachelor's degree and a Master's degree from Texas Tech University.    Robert is licensed to practice in Kansas and Missouri.

Robert brings a unique background to his transactional practice areas.  He beggan as an associate in one of the region's leading real estate practice groups at a large Kansas City law firm, and continued in business transactions with a large international firm.  Robert then served as associate general counsel to a publicly-traded real estate investment trust, where he ran over $2 billion in acquisitions, dispositions and financing; he advised asset management and development teams; and he assisted in corporate governance and securities compliance.  He also managed outside counsel and provided strategic guidance to the company in disputes ranging from small landlord-tenant cases to high-stakes litigation.

Robert’s background also includes five years as an entrepreneur.  He built a small, home-based packaging supply company into a well-known and respected supplier serving the craft beverage industry, with a nationally-focused sales staff and a traditional bricks-and-mortar presence.  After selling the business to investors from a private equity group, he refocused on his transactional practice and worked both independently and with a middle-market firm in Kansas City.  

Robert’s work as in-house counsel for a publicly-traded company, as a small business owner, and real estate investor helps him stay focused on the real-world objectives behind legal matters—whether they be transactions, compliance issues, or litigation—and he especially enjoys working with entrepreneurs in planning for growth, in addressing challenges, and in smoothing out the inevitable transitions in the life cycle of a business or a real estate asset. He also enjoys working with churches and charitable organizations in real estate and organizational management projects.

Most of Robert’s time outside the office is devoted to his wife and five children, and to activities at his family’s third-generation farm in Coffey County, Kansas.’t exist. Clearly list and describe the services you offer. Also, be sure to showcase a premium service.


Christie M. King, Attorney

 Christie M. King practiced law with the corporate securities practice group of a large St. Louis Firm in the 1990s after graduating near the top of her class at the Washington University School of Law.  She holds a bachelor’s degree from St. Mary’s College, South Bend, Indiana, and she is licensed to practice in Missouri (active) and Illinois (inactive). 

Christie took twenty-one years off from practice to raise a family and work in both in higher education and K-12 education administration, most recently as a Vice Principal of a private school in Kansas City from August 2014 to the present.  She resumed her legal practice in 2019 and works with the firm’s clients in business formation, contracts and general corporate matters, and small business transactions.  

Christie’s background as an administrator (and a mother) compliments her legal training, giving her the ability to manage parties with disparate interests and varied perspectives, and to take care of the seemingly-small-but-important details that keep a client organization running.  

Most of Christie’s time outside the practice is devoted to her husband and four children, and she continues work with the private school. 

Why "Stranger Creek"?


It's home.

The firm's principal, Robert Drumm, lives in rural Leavenworth County, Kansas, near the actual Stranger Creek.  Until he recently moved his principal office to Overland Park, to be closer to many of his clients, he worked only a few hundred yards from the stream.  

It's unique.

As many of Robert's clients know (from his call telling them, "Sorry, but your great LLC name is already taken"), any enterprise should have a unique name, both to satisfy the requirements of a particular state's business entity registry and to differentiate it from its competitors.  There is no firm that has ever had a legal or business consulting practice named "Stranger Creek Advisors" other than this ours.

It sounds least from a distance

The name "Stranger Creek" is pretty cool--the sort of place-name  you could make a movie about. The actual Stranger Creek in Leavenworth County is just a small, silted-in stream that floods in any heavy rain.    But the name has been a conversation starter for many years.