Business counsel from startup through a middle-market company's full life-cycle.

From conception of a business plan to a sellout or generational transition, the firm can be the attorney and the quarterback for other professionals, with experience from initial structuring to exit planning, and all the issues that arise in between. The firm works with your accounting, financial, sales and operating teams to get things done at a cost appropriate to the size and complexity of your business and its needs.   


Real estate experience from farmland to nationwide portfolio aquisitions

  Developing, buying, financing, and selling real estate may sometimes seem straightforward, but mistakes can be fatal. The firm helps clients spot and understand issues before the money changes hands, and it has a network of engineers, planners, bankers, and brokers who can help you address those issues and ensure that deals flow smoothly.


Lawyers who understand that legal issues are a small subset of business issues.

 Stranger Creek Advisors' lawyers haven't just run business deals...they've run businesses and other organizations.  And the principal hasn't just advised in real estate transactions...he's actually been a real estate investor. That "boots on the ground" experience makes the firm better at understanding and solving business problems—not just legal problems. 

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