Three Fundamental principles guide our work.

In any commercial venture, you must manage risk, not avoid it.

An objective advisor can assess risks and a good negotiator can mitigate them, but risk-taking is a part of every successful business.  We help our clients identify those risks and craft strategies to manage them.  We know from our own business ventures that there is no "always" and no "never."  You deal in probabilities, and we will help you take prudent steps in the face of them.

It's cheaper to tackle big issues sooner, rather than later.

We always ask our clients "what if?"  When you sweep an awkward issue under the rug or kick a difficult can down the road, you're only asking for trouble.  Business and real estate principals should have the hard conversations up front and consider contingencies before issues arise. When you've found a pot of gold (or a pile of manure), it's very difficult to divide things up without emotion.  That's why we tell our clients that planning is the best way to maintain efficiency and preserve relationships. 

Bad business deals are rarely fixed by good legal documents.

We stand ready to help clients go beyond financial reports and legal documents by guiding due diligence and assessing strategic options. This way you will know what you are dealing with and how the business really works before you commit to a course of action.  If there is a fundamental business problem, the most elegant legal work won't solve it.  Of course good legal documents can help mitigate losses, but they rarely make a party whole.  That's why there's no substitute for solid due diligence and candid assessments up front.