About our Firm

 Stranger Creek Advisors is led by Robert Drumm, a senior business legal advisor.

As a seasoned attorney and experienced business owner, Robert created Stranger Creek Advisors to help grow and strengthen small and mid-sized businesses and real estate projects at milestone moments, whether that be starting or purchasing, expanding or restructuring a business, designing an exit strategy, or acquiring, refinancing, or selling commercial real estate,

Robert offers legal representation in business matters and provides expertise in strategic planning, due diligence, finance, risk management, and negotiation. His passion is to help design and build strong businesses and ventures by leading projects and networked expertise for the best outcomes.

What We Do

Transactional and strategic partner for small and middle-market business.  Stranger Creek Advisors provides legal representation and strategic planning expertise to small businesses in acquisitions, sales, financing, and other corporate transitions.   For sales and acquisitions, the firm can represent buyers or sellers in negotiating terms, preparing legal documents and assisting with due diligence. For strategic projects, we can help assess needs and develop written business plans. And with our experience, we have built a network of in accounting, finance and other professionals to achieve your goals efficiently.   

Real estate transactions and finance.  We represent owners, investors, landlords and tenants. We have completed office, industrial, retail and multifamily real estate transactions, and we handled over a billion dollars in special-use and agricultural property deals in the last decade.  From a simple office lease review to the purchase or sale of a special-use property portfolio, we have the legal expertise and the professional network to efficiently serve our clients.   

Craft beverage advisory.  We have unique and specific expertise in the craft beverage industry. We can provide independent brewers, cider makers, other beverage makers, and their investors or suitors with a unique perspective on building, buying, and selling a craft beverage business.  

What We've Done

Legal representation. Robert Drumm, the principal, practiced corporate and real estate law for Stinson Morrison Hecker LLP, at Bryan Cave LLP, and as in-house counsel for a publicly traded real estate investment trust, EPR Properties.   

Transaction and development management.  He managed multidisciplinary professional teams (attorneys, engineers, architects, and finance experts) in acquisition, financing, restructuring, development, and sales of real property and related businesses as Vice President—Transactions at EPR Properties.   

Business ownership and transformation. He acquired, expanded, and sold Atlas Labels & Packaging, doubling sales and transforming the business from a small home-based operation to a traditional business with dedicated national sales staff, warehousing, and support systems in 4 years.  

Where We've Done It

Specialty real estate investments. Robert worked extensively with recreational, entertainment, educational, and other special-use properties, including movie theatres, ski areas, waterparks, charter schools, agricultural and viticultural land. 

Craft beverage and wine industries. He served the craft beverage and wine industries for over 10 years, negotiating real estate financing and managing financial workouts in the wine industry, and in developing and providing product packaging to craft brewers through the 2012-2017 craft beer revolution.    

Printing and packaging industry. He started in college as a part-time bindery and delivery helper at Parks Printing in Lubbock, Texas, and was most recently owner and general manager of a nationwide packaging distributor, Atlas Labels & Packaging.  He spent a total of 13 years in the business over three decades, and holding various positions in estimating, sales, marketing along the way.    

General business practice. He assisted numerous executives and small business owners in acquisitions, sales, financing, and other strategic and transitional matters over the last 15 years.